Freezable Slow Cooker Curry Chicken

 This is a great dinner for anyone who is busy and doesn’t really have time to cook, but prefers to have really good home cooked food.  As a full time employee, mom, and blogger it is something I definitely struggle with.  You can put together the main ingredients in just a few minutes on a […]

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plantain chips

Plantain Chips

Last week, I showed you how to make fried plantains and showed a picture of plantain chips.  This week I will show you how to make plantain chips.   When making plantain chips, the plantains should not be as ripe.  The can be anywhere between green with some yellow to yellow with some black spots. […]

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Pizza Pumpkins

These cute pumpkins are super easy to make.  Mine have a pizza filling, but I can think up endless variations (just cheese, chili cheese, chocolate, jam, etc).  I also used a lot of store bought ingredients like pre-made pie crust and sauce, but you could make your own.  In fact, if I were just making […]

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! 7 Days of Apple Recipes

Apple season is here and we do love our Apple recipes.   Why do we love our Apple recipes?  Not only is it a delicous food, it is a nutritious food.  It certainly ranks high on the list of versitile foods as well.  You will find apples in recipes from breakfast all the way to […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

I know what you are thinking! “Really, Robyn! Cookies for breakfast! Are you crazy!”  I may very well be crazy, but this recipe makes for a healthy breakfast treat! Most mornings I am running late and don’t have time for breakfast. It is nice to grab a couple of these and be off to work. […]

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fried plantains


This fruit is frequently used as a vegetable and a side dish.  They can be used at any stage of ripeness, depending on what you are making with them and are usually fried, but can also be boiled or grilled.    Plantains are a member of the banana family, they are starchy and low in […]

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