Back to School with BentoGo – Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Are you getting ready to head back to school? Why not try a Bentogo Kids lunch box? We were sent one to try out and share how we feel about it and as a mom, I loved this little box.  

It keeps the food separated into it’s own compartments which is especially great for dips.  When the lid is closed, it seals those compartments so your dip doesn’t end up all over everything! It is just the perfect size to hold all my gal needs and clean up is a breeze.  

For your drink, they offer a separate Bentogo Cup with an easy snap on/off lid.  

We throw it into a lunch bag with an ice pack to make carrying easier and keep it all bundled.  Easy Peasy! 

BentoGo Kids

Bento Go Kids - Back to School Lunch


Try some of these fun 

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Back to School Bento Box Lunch Ideas


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