An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! 7 Days of Apple Recipes

Apple season is here and we do love our Apple recipes.  

Why do we love our Apple recipes?  Not only is it a delicous food, it is a nutritious food.  It certainly ranks high on the list of versitile foods as well.  You will find apples in recipes from breakfast all the way to dessert.  


I have compiled a weeks worth of wonderful apple recipes for you to check out: 



1.  Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls from “Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom”


2.  Apple Fritter Bread from “Flour Me With Love”


3.   5 Minute Apple Crisp From “Busy Vegetarian Mom”


4. Apple Pie Cheesecake with Caramel From “Mommy’s Sweet Confessions”


5.  Apple Cider Cake from “Mainely Bakes”


6.  Apple Praline Bread From “Manila Spoon”


7.  Apple Walnut and Coconut Cake with Baileys Fudge Frosting From “Jams N Pans”


If you think these pictures look amazing, you are right!  Please go on over and visit our Foodie Friends and get the recipes.  One thing if for certain, you will run out of apples before you get through all our apple recipes!  

For more great recipes, visit the recipe archives at Foodie Friends Friday

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