Rapeseed Field
Rapeseed Field (Photo credit: James Whitesmith)

You may not have heard of Aburana, but you probably have eaten some form of this plant. It is also known as rape as a green and rapeseed when used as an oil.
These native Japanese greens are one of the first to appear in spring. Aburana is a member of the brassica family which consists of cole crops like broccoli, cabbage and Brussels Sprouts. These plants are also related to mustard, turnips and rutabagas!
These plant leaves are only edible while still very young. Like broccoli, it is best eaten before the buds open.
A more popular use of this plant is for its rapeseed. It is the main ingredient in Canola oil.
Mature rapeseed is also used in some areas as a cover crop for livestock. Seed from this plant are often added to birdseed.
Do you use Canola oil? Share a favorite recipe with us!

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