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A perfect cup of tea

A good cup of tea

How many of us when we make a cup of tea we pour water into a cup,

Put it in the microwave and drop in a tea bag and enjoy.

I know that this is how I make my tea for the most part…

But did you know..

There is an Art to Making a Perfect Cup of Tea?

A good cup of tea
Enjoying a cup of tea with cookies

The Telegraph has an article that writes patience is one of the ingredients needed to make a good cup of tea.  In the article it says that you should wait 6 minutes before drinking your tea.  This brings down the temperature to 60 degrees Celsius ( 140 degree Fahrenheit) which is the best temperature to bring out all the flavors in the tea.  This doesn’t mean that you leave the tea in the cup for 6 minutes, but to add hot water to the tea in your cup, let it seep for 2 minutes and then remove the tea  and let it sit for 6 minutes.  This article is a British article and we all know that Brits love their tea.  I am wondering if they all leave their tea sit for 6 minutes before drinking it?

But what if you are not drinking black tea ~  How do you make a good cup of tea with other types?

Here is what I found out…

Green tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 65-80°C (150-175°F); 3-4 minutes

Oolong: 0.5 tsp/cup; temp. 90°C (195°F); 3-6 minutes.

White tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 80-85°C (175-185°F); 7-9 minutes.

Red tea (Pu-erh): 0.5 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); 3-7 minutes.

Yellow tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 90°C (195°F); 3 minutes.

Rooibos: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); 3-5 minutes.

Honeybush: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); 5-8 minutes.

Tips to making a good cup of tea

1.  Start out with fresh water, don’t reboil water.  Using distilled water is the best

2.  Pour a small amount of hot water in your cup or tea pot, swirl it around and discard.

3.  Pour the hot water over the tea bag or loose tea in the cup or pot

4.  If you are using a tea bag, don’t squeeze it after steeping

5.  Always cover your cup or pot while steeping

6.  When the tea is done steeping, remove the tea leaves or tea bag.

7.  Serve with milk, sugar or lemon as desired.

picture courtesy of Lifehack

Now that you know how to make a perfect cup of tea.. How are you going to make yours?

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                   How to make a perfect cup of tea – be patient

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  1. I drink tea daily…always throw the bag in the cup and microwave! LOL Thanks for the tips!

    1. That is usually how I drink my tea… but it does taste better if I do it the right way.

  2. My English aunt would be very upset with me if she knew how I make tea now 🙂

  3. Cynthia says:

    This reminds me of living in England. It was a big production to have a cup of tea. I loved all of it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Walking on Sunshine says:

    I always let my tea bag steep for about that long, if not a bit longer and then I do wait to drink my tea. I love hot tea and usually have 2 cups a day! Going to make a nice cup now!

    1. I let my tea sit for awhile too before I drink it and now I realize that it does bring in the flavours. I love tea and drink many cups a day.

  5. Busy Vegetarian Mom says:

    Wow, I didn’t know all this! We usually just pull hot water from our coffee machine. Thanks, now Im gonna have to buy a thermometer and timer, lol!

    1. I certainly don’t do this everytime I make tea… I put mine in the microwave. But tea does taste better if you make it at the right temperature and steep if for the right amount of time.

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