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7 Foods That Promote Bone Health

7 Foods That Promote Bone Health

Your skeleton may be out of sight, but it definitely shouldn’t be out of mind. Unhealthy eating habits and age can literally take a toll on your skeletal health, but it’s these 7 superfoods that can help promote bone health!

7 Foods That Promote Bone Health


Eggs are a good non-dairy source of calcium, offering around 21 mg in a single egg. Plus, they are also a good source of vitamin D which makes them a complete package for optimum bone health.

Cheesy Vegetarian Egg Rings

Egg Salad



Nuts are probably the most loved foods that boost bone health since they are a powerhouse of nutrients. They pack in several healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals which help improve bone mineral density and also give the body a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids which strengthen the bones.


Most green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, are excellent food sources of calcium, but that’s not just it. Spinach also packs in many other bone health boosting vital nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium etc. Just half a cup of cooked spinach can give your body up to 500% of the daily requirement of vitamin K, which, in the long run, is sure to boost bone health.

Warm Raspberry Spinach Salad



This one may come as a major shocker for many, but yes, onions can too, help improve bone health. This is because they come packed with a specific polyphenol that can improve bone mass by up to 5%.


Salmon, with its rich vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid content, too, can help improve bone health in many ways. What’s best is the fact that it is super versatile and easy to make. Make your home cooked meals rock with this one!

Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

Poached Salmon with Dill Sauce



These delicious delights can work as an excellent afternoon snack, and studies have now confirmed that they can help boost bone health too. People who consumed just 10 prunes a day were found to have a high bone mineral density than those who didn’t.


Tofu may not exactly come off as a calcium-rich food but since it mainly contains soya bean extracts, it does contain impressive amounts of this essential bone-building nutrient. What’s more, it is extremely versatile and packed full of other nutrients like phosphorus, selenium, manganese, iron, and protein.

Chinese BBQ Sesame Tofu Recipe

10 Tofu Recipes You Will LOVE!

Tofu Breakfast Recipes

Baked Buffalo Tofu Recipe

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