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5 Tomato Facts You Should Know #GardenSense

tomato basket

tomato basket

Tomatoes are popular in so many cultures all over the world. No matter where you live, tomatoes can be the best thing you ever ate or the worst. Too much water causes splitting and rot. Lack of vitamins and minerals from poor soil causes bland tomatoes.
Bugs love tomatoes as much as I do. I keep organic so there will always be some bugs. I just keep them to a minimum.

Here are some interesting tomato facts ever gardener should know:

  • Studies have indicated that pairing tomatoes with other foods can bring out the best nutritional value each has to offer. Cooked tomatoes combined with broccoli or other cruciferous veggies pack a double punch of antioxidants. Vitamin C in raw tomatoes aids in iron intake from spinach. Healthy fat in avocados and olive oil helps our bodies absorb tomatoes’ valuable nutrients, boosting the immune system.
  • The most flavorful tomatoes peak at night or first thing in the morning. That’s the best time for harvest.
  • Pick tomatoes when all green disappears for richest flavor.
  • Never store tomatoes in the refrigerator. Refrigerated tomatoes lose their vine ripened taste.
  • Is your tomato still a bit green but might split? Pick questionable tomatoes and ripen indoors.
  • This popular fruit packs a nutritious punch. A Tomato a day keeps the doctor away!

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