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5 Spring Break Activities for Tweens

If you’re the parent of a tween, you’re probably on the hunt for ways to keep them occupied during spring break. They aren’t quite old enough to pick up extra shifts at a side job or set off on their own, but they probably won’t want to hang around the house the whole time, and they certainly shouldn’t spend the week staring at their screens. If you’re on the hunt for fun ways to keep your tweens busy when they’re out of school, here are a handful of Spring Break activities for Tweens:


5 Spring Break Activities for Tweens


1 – Find some family fun. See if you can find a local mini-golf course or laser-tag arena to challenge your family to a little friendly competition. Race go-karts to see who comes out on top, find an indoor climbing gym and push your boundaries, or look up the nearest arcade to challenge each other on some classic games. A little adventure as a family will bring you all together, get your adrenaline pumping, and add a little excitement into your tween’s spring break.


2 – Head to the movies. If it’s been a while since your family last saw a movie in theaters, treat the whole family to the latest blockbuster. If you’re torn over what you want to see, let your tween decide – after all, it’s their vacation! Splurge on some popcorn if you’re feeling generous, but get there early to get the best seats in the house and watch the previews to see what’s coming up next. As long as the movie is good, you’ll leave with lots to talk about!


3 – Find ways to volunteer. It can be a challenge to find volunteer opportunities for children, but once your kids have entered their tween years, there are a few more ways they can get involved. If your family is involved with a local church, they often offer tons of chances to help out – both internally and out in the community. Call up a nearby food pantry or animal shelter to see what restrictions are in place around volunteer ages. If all else fails, they can always help beautify the community by collecting litter in a public place.


4  – Play some games. Spring break can be the perfect opportunity for your family to bond over some games. Let your tween choose the games, or let each member of the family pick something to play. You don’t have to limit yourselves to board games, either. While there are tons of fun options to play as a family, you shouldn’t rule out console games, and if your tween is into computers, it might be a great chance for them to show you how their favorite PC games work.


5 – Let their friends come over. Instead of letting your tween sit around and Snapchat their friends all spring break, allow them to invite a few over for a little socialization. After all, it’s their time to relax and have fun, and you’ll benefit from knowing the kind of people your tween spends their time with.


What kind of spring break activities do you have planned for your tweens? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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