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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Did you set any weight loss goals for 2016?
Like a lot of other people, weight loss is at the top of my goal list for 2016.
Here are 5 easy ways to lose weight this year.
They’re easy ways to change a few things that will help lose weight
and keep the weight off this time.  

Set a Realistic Goal

Sure, we’d all like to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, but that’s not a realistic goal.
 One half to two pounds a week is about right.

Weigh Yourself Every Morning

Some people will tell you not to to this, but weighing yourself every morning will keep you motivated.  
Keep in mind that your weight will fluctuate from day to day.

Plan Your Meals

Take some time at the beginning of each week and plan out what you’re going to eat for every meal every day.  
Keep in mind that if you want to lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of calories you consume every day.  
Pay attention to portion sizes as well. 

Keep Track of Everything you Eat

Dieters who keep track of everything they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don’t.  
So write everything down.  
At the end of the first week, see where you can cut extra calories by reading through what you’ve eaten every day.
 Sometimes it can be something as easy as switching your creamer to skim milk for your coffee every morning.  
Or maybe you need to stop having that snack after dinner. 


This is a hard one for me because my joints hurt so much, but research does show that exercise helps.
Burning as little as 200 calories a day can help you lose up to a few pounds a month.  
Exercise can be as simple as taking a walk outside or doing a few simple weight baring exercises.  
Exercise makes you feel good and helps you have control over losing weight and reaching your goal. 



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Originally from Queens, NY, Lois now calls northeastern PA home. You can find her blogging over at Walking on Sunshine where she shares a little of her life, but more importantly what’s for dinner at her house tonight. www.walkingonsunshinerecipes.com

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