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30 Day Body Challenge for Beginners

30 Day Body Challenge for Beginners

I have seen many 3o day body challenges out there but none that really fit what I wanted to do and that weren’t crazy difficult to achieve.  I needed a 30 day body challenge for beginners.  I decided to make up my own plan with 2 exercises a day, alternating different muscle groups every other day.   I also broke it out into sets to make it a little easier. 

The plan is simple, on alternating days you will do squats and push ups (I do wall push-ups), then the following day you will do calf raises and tricep presses or dips.  They exercises are color coded on the calendar to make it easy to remember which sets you are doing daily. 

For example, if we look at day 15:  You will do 90 squats and 90 push-ups total.  

30 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 squats, 30 push-ups, 30 squats, 30 push-ups, Done! 


Now go ahead and print


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30 Day Body Challenge for Beginners


I plan on following this plan to build up my muscle and endurance before moving onto a cardio routine.  I will also pair this with an nightly yoga routine to help stretch my muscles and improve flexibility.  

Try any of these apps to get started with yoga: 

Simply Yoga FREE – Personal Trainer for Quick Yoga Workouts – Daily Workout Apps, LLC

Daily Yoga – Lose Weight, Get Relief – DailyYoga.com

Yoga Studio – Modern Lotus

Yoga.com Studio: 300 Poses & Video Classes – Plus Sports

Be sure to include stretching before and after your daily exercises to minimize chances of injury and always follow proper form. 

For proper form guidance, check out these great resources: Tricep Dips Form, Calf Raises Form, Wall Push Ups Form, Squats Form, Stretching Before and After a Workout  


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How do YOU plan on improving your body in 2015? 


Disclaimer: As always, check with your physician before starting any exercise program. I am not a professional and designed this for my own purposes, I am not a doctor or certified fitness trainer. Social Girls Media is not liable for any injuries you may incur while following this routine. Do so at your own risk.

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