2014 Memory Jar Printable Label Set

We brought to you a fun idea earlier today about creating Memory Jars for 2014.  Collect all your thoughts, funny and special moments throughout the year and pull them out to share on New Years Eve.  

You can use a plain jar or you can embellish and keep it on display for easy access all year long.  I have made myself some labels and plan on decorating a few jars and giving them as late gifts to friends and family so we can all share later this year! 

Memory Jar Printable Labels

2014 Memory Jar Printable Label Set



Mason Jar Printable Toppers

Memory Jar Mason Jar Topper Printables


Click to Print: Memory Jar ~ Mason Jar Lids 2014


Memory Jar Printable Labels

Memory Jar Printable Labels 2014


Click to Print: Memory Jar Labels


Simply Print and Cut the Labels

Find  Large Size Mason Jars

Use Spray Adhesive to Glue Labels to Jar and Lids



Happy New Years! 




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