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10 Tips for Traveling Green

10 Tips for Traveling Green

Love exploring new places? Got bitten by the travel bug? You’re not alone. Traveling is a thrilling experience, and each one of us wants to explore the world around us as much as we can, but let’s face it- travel doesn’t’ always make a positive impact on the environment. And that’s exactly why we’ve got you 10 super tips for traveling green and do your bit for the world you live in.

Tips for Traveling Green

  1. When exploring the countryside and city streets, ditch the rental cars and use a bicycle to reduce your carbon footprint as you go. Not only will it be easy for you to a find a parking spot wherever you go, but you’ll also save energy.
  2. Instead of using plastic water bottles to quench your thirst when you’re on the go, use a metal bottle and fill it up with water to keep yourself hydrated and save the environment too.
  3. About 40% of a hotel’s total hot water consumption happens for cleaning the sheets and towels. As much as you might be tempted to have fresh sheets and towels every time you get back after a day of exploring, don’t overdo it and ask for your room to be cleaned only when you actually need it to be cleaned.
  4. Book your flight with the airline that recycles the waste that happens when serving food and beverages.
  5. Avoid printing tickets and use electronic tickets whenever possible.
  6. Enjoy activities that don’t leave a big carbon footprint- think horse riding, trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, snorkeling etc.
  7. Always carry a reusable bag with you- for carrying any food for you to eat on the go, or for your shopping spree. Avoid using plastic bags as much as you can.
  8. Stay away from international restaurant food chains and eat local food grown and made by local people. Not only is it good for the place’s tourism and economy, but it’s good for the environment too.
  9.   Avoid animal tourism. Get out and explore and see nature in its natural environment!
  10. When traveling by car or a cab, opt for shared buses, shuttles, cars or taxis. This is a great way to take care of the planet you live in, and simultaneously make new friends on your travel journey.

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