10 Germy Items You Should be Cleaning

germy items for DD
According to Food Safety News:  The average human hand harbors around 150 species of bacteria, most of which are healthy and natural.
Germs are all around us, and homes are an ideal nesting ground for different types of germs,
both the good and the bad.
Scientists agree that there are a number of places in your home that hold significantly
more bacteria than others, and these places deserve extra attention.
Though many bacteria are necessary and good, these places
may indeed benefit from an antibacterial wipe down every now and then.


Below is a list of  things that we handle and touch every day.  

Each of these items would benefit from wiping down once in awhile;

especially if someone is sick in your house.  

Using a commercial brand antibacterial wipe is all you need to get rid of any unwanted germs. 

Your TV remote…
Gaming remotes…
Make-up brushes.  
Wash these in hot soapy water and let dry completely.  
Light switches…
Car keys…
Door knobs…
Hand-held devices…
Car steering wheel…
Ear phones…
Especially the bottom of your purse should be wiped clean at least every few days…
Another way to protecting yourself and your family is to wash your hands when you come home.  
Using warm water and soap, lather up for at least 20 seconds and then rinse and dry well.
 I used to tell my children that they should sing “Happy Birthday” at least once, if not a few times while washing their hands.  
What are some other items that YOU can think of that would benefit from a weekly cleaning?  


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