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World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day History

In 1944, in the UK, Donald Watson took the first and last letters of the word “vegetarian,” and created the word “vegan” to indicate being vegetarian from beginning to end – (meaning Not eating or using any animals or animals products for any reason)- true Ahimsa, “dynamic harmlessness”).
Certainly there were those who had such beliefs and lived by such committed values long before 1944, but, up until that time, there was not a single word with such meaning.

Watson entered the word into the lexicon and also registered the first Vegan Society, in Britain, on November 1, 1944.
Thus, World Vegan Day, a special annual holiday celebrating vegan living, is celebrated on November 1st each year.
It is celebrated with festivals around the country and all around the world. In LA there is a huge celebration. You can find all activities and links on www.veganday.info/day.html

Please, if you know of someone who would want more information: send kids and parents  to www.VegKids.org to find out about great programs for great kids.

November is recognized as World Vegan Month. November 1st starts off the month-long celebration for the Vegan Society started in 1944.

Mango Salsa
2 limes juiced
1 cup mango diced
3 green onions sliced
1/2 red bell pepper diced
1/2 tsp dried cilantro
1 jalapeno finely diced or more if you like heat.

On a personal note, several years ago I adopted the vegan lifestyle. Much to my boys dismay, I went cold turkey…no pun intended. Our home was rid of all sugar, flour, meat, cheese, dairy and anything that was not raw, organic, and live went out the door. I stood there feeling liberated, light and then reality hit. WHAT was I going to eat, what would I cook for my kids. So I hit the internet in search of recipes and articles to help me with this lifestyle that I had taken on so suddenly. Why you may ask did I do this? Conviction that I MUST get healthy and do it right now. My personal health was very bad and getting worse by the day. I thought at almost 40 and feeling 60 what would I do when I was 60? My grandmother was disabled and chair bound in a nursing home and I did not want the same fate.However, men who love meat and potatoes won. I could not continue my new lifestyle when I had to buy and cook things I ‘could not’ eat. So after 6 months of eating a 80% raw diet, I slowly eased into being vegetarian. Over time I slipped into old habits and was full on in the SAD or Standard American Diet. Now that my boys are grown and I don’t work outside of the home, I am trying to add more fruits and vegetables back into our diet. I cook and bake from scratch and am now milling my own flour so I can eliminate more of the processed foods.
I admire those of you out there who can be vegan 24/7. I know it is a healthier way of living and surely not as harmful on the environment  Meaning there are less processing plants and chemicals.
Have you heard of meatless Mondays? It is a campaign started to help families incorporate more vegetables into their diets. If you are not vegan, give this a go. There are many recipes out there to help you. I am including some of my favorites from my blog, along with a few from our fearless leader Tracy. She has a ton of vegan/vegetarian recipes on her site. So, thank you Tracy for sharing.
To a healthier you and a brighter tomorrow, enjoy these Vegan recipes:
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