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Weeds – cutting food cost

Happy 2013. Are you still writing 2012? Just when you get the hang of it, the year changes, and speaking of changes, are you making changes in your budget? Cutting food cost or looking for ways to cut your grocery spending? Many are and some are doing it in a radical way. Weeds. Yep, you read that right, weeds. Those pesky thing that grow in our yard, that we spend tons of money on to kill. Why not eat them? However, don’t eat them all as some can be hazardous to your health. If you are serious and want to try your hand at weeds, make sure you are gathering them properly and that they are indeed edible. A great source guide is: “The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants” by the Department of the Army. Survival guide for our brave men and women.
One key to remember do not harvest anything you can not Positively identify. More pointers: avoid picking weeds close to roadways as they absorb exhaust fumes and road run off, avoid weeds that have animal feces (yeah that’s a given, eww) and don’t pick weeds that you have sprayed with pesticides.
Several weeds that you can eat and are easy to identify are dandelion, clover and cattails. You can harvest blackberries for jam, syrups or baked goods. The leaves and root bark make tea. It is found in late summer. Burdock is found in spring through fall and the roots along with the stalks are edible.
Chicory, now I’ve had that instead of coffee when I was vegan. It is very tasty if you like coffee and don’t mind a bitter taste. It is harvested in late spring. the shoots, flower,leaves and roots are edible.



Cattails, I found this to be interesting. As a child I got in trouble for busting cattails all over our backyard! I called it snow. My mom called it a mess! ha ha it was not funny to me at the time. Have you ever busted open a cattail? Anyway, it is edible. Shoots, flower heads and pollen. I read you can stir fry the shoots. Or use the pollen in place of flour. hmmm IF you want check out http://cattails.info/Cattail_Recipe.html for more info.
Are you game? I don’t think groceries have gone up so much that I can’t afford to buy them. Would I eat weeds if I had to? Of course, but I don’t have to.
I will however expand my garden this year.
Happy Eating!

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