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Ugly Sweater Contest and free printables

Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater Contests have made a big comeback.   These contest are the life of the party.  Many of us have a  Christmas sweater or two hanging in the back of our closet that would be appropriate for these contests.   If you don’t you could always just make your own but sewing on some sequins, Christmas ornaments or use some garland to make some outlandish design.  Goodwill or a Second Hand store is always a good place to find sweaters that would work for this occasion.

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To host an Ugly Sweater Contest there are a few things that you need to do:

1) Send out invitations, making sure they know to wear an ugly sweater ~ As our party was a work party, we just had posters put up.

2)  Make awards or you can also buy them:  We had three categories at our party:  The funniest, The Ugliest and The OMG

3)  Have everyone vote for the favorite ~ We set up a small table with tins where everyone can drop in the name or number who they voted for.

4)  Prizes for the winners ~ remember this is an Ugly Sweater Contest so the prizes need to reflect the awards.


Award Buttons

Ugly Sweater Contest ~ Daily Dish MagazineDirections to make:

I made the buttons using Picmonkey and Picassa.  You can download them here and print them (I used photo paper but regular paper works too)

Cut a circle out of foam board (card board would work too).  This circle should be slightly smaller then the buttons

Glue button to foam board

Using ribbon, cut two pieces the same side, cut an upside down V in the bottom of the ribbon.  Glue the ribbons to the back side of the foam board.

Cut another circle out of construction paper the same size as the button.  Glue to the back of the foam board.  The ribbon will between the foam board and  the construction paper.

Tape a pin to the back of the construction paper.


Voting Center 


Voting Center


At the Voting Center we had a tin for each category, paper and pens.  Each contestant also stopped and picked up a number and pinned on their shirt.  Although some voters did just write down the name of the person instead of the number.   Closge to the end, tally up the numbers and names in each category so you can pick a winner.   The paper bag was for everyone at the party to put in their name for raffle prizes.

To make the voting tins

I used 3 yogurt containers, covered with Christmas Scrapbooking paper (wrapping paper would work)

Attach picture of each category:  Printables for you ~   Ugliest, Funniest, OMG.  

This is the sweater that I made.  I did tie for  the Ugliest sweater but as I was one of the party planner and didn’t want the prize I let the other person win.  I could do this as I counted out the votes.

Ugly Sweater Contest ~ Daily Dish Magazine

 Hope you have fun planning your Ugly Sweater Contest at your next party.  These contest don’t have to be just for Christmas, you can have one for any season or reason.  As I was googling, I found a site for all your planning activities for an ugly sweater party ~ Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


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