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Tablescapes for Thanksgiving


Tablescapes for Thanksgiving

Tablescapes, are they part of your Thanksgiving decorating?  What is tablescapes you might ask…. It is the term for what is seen on the table. It is the linens, dishes, silverware, glassware and any decor that is set on the table.   Your tablescape can also include your mantle, bookshelves, hutches.  It sets the mood for a special event such as Thanksgiving.  It can range from simple to elegant, from cheap to expensive.  It gives you a creative way to express yourself.

There is no right or wrong way to do a tablescape.  You can start with your tablecloth or placemats, add your dishes, glassware and  silverware ~ that may be all you want.  Add  some napkins, maybe a candle or two and you have the perfect table.  From there you can expand, adding flowers, theme objects (for example pumpkins for Thanksgiving), name cards and whatever else you would like to put on your table. 

Buck Tradition

photo credit: i-village.com

Tips for making the perfect homemade tablescape

1.  Make sure that your centerpiece doesn’t obstruct your guest view.  It is hard to visit when there is something in the middle of the table and you can’t see past it.  

2.  Arrange items in staggering heights.

3.  Use interesting textures together:  Good items to have are books, decorative plates displayed on stands, bowls filled with fruit or other decorative items, vases, flowers, candles, and other home decor accessories.

4.  Only use 1/3 of your table.  You want your guest to be able to eat, put down their drinks.

5.  Choose a colour theme.   For Thanksgiving you may want to use rich fall colour ~ orange, reds and browns.  Mix prints and solids together.  

6.  Choose a theme.  For fall there are many themes you can use ~ pumpkins, gourds, acorns, leaves, corn, turkeys.   You may want to use them all, but that may be overbearing, so start small and expand.

7.  Add candles, the glow of the candles will make your table come to life.


Thanksgiving Tablescapes

My dining table usually has a tablecloth, or placemats, candles and often dried flowers or some objects on it.  It is usually fairly simple and then when I have guest I can add more to it.  I love using my table as part of my decor.  Here is my Thanksgiving Table from last year, very simple with fall placemats, pumpkins and candles.  As you can see in the pictures my plates do not match but are similar.  When doing a tablescape you do not need to have matching decor.

Thanksgiving Tablescape ~ Daily Dish Magazine


My favorite place to go and check out some beautiful tablescapes is over at Kathe with an E.  Kathe has wonderful pictures of her tables and her decorating.  She does them for all seasons, and occasions.  She has graciously allowed me to share them with you…

I absolutely love her Fall Tablescape and especially the paisley tablecloth.  Kathe brings everything together with colour and grace.  Isn’t this just beautiful?


Thanksgiving Tablescapes

photo credit: Kathe with an E

 Here is an example of her Thanksgiving Table.  I am always amazed and enthralled when I read Kathe’s blog on how she pulls her table together and also where she finds her dinnerware and the objects that she displays on her table.  I can’t wait to see wait to see what her table looks like this year.  I know that it will be beautiful. 

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

photo credit: Kathe with an E

I would love to see how you decorate your table or even your mantle for Thanksgiving.  If you would like you can head over to my facebook page and share it with me.

If you need a little help with picking out some Table Decor, Tracy has lent a hand by picking out some of her favorite items and making you some  printable place cards

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