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A Simple Migraine Remedy? Avoid These Foods

If you are a person who is constantly troubled by migraines and seeking a simple migraine remedy, try starting with your diet. Identifying your triggers can very often and reduce or eliminate them so you should study your headaches carefully. Research has proven that certain food types can be major triggers of migraines and therefore they should be avoided. While these foods can differ from person to person, there are a few general types that cause migraines for many. The best foods for migraines seem to be fresh, non-processed foods.

*please note that changing your diet may not work for everyone, this strategy may help certain individuals who have diet related triggers. Discuss diet changes and triggers with your care provider.


Aged Cheese Should Be Avoided

As dairy products like cheese get old in time, a substance called tyramine is formed in them to break down the protein particles in them. This may react with some medications taken to avoid migraines. If you consume any type of aged cheese, you should be aware and monitor for headaches even while you are on pills. Some of the varieties which contain a high amount of tyramine are Cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella, Swiss and parmesan cheese. Avoiding them can contribute to a migraine remedy for some people.


Staying Away from Alcohol Is Key for Migraines

Alcohol is one of the worst offenders for migraine triggers because it can easily start a terrible headache within 25-30 minutes. Research shows that alcohol causes headaches due to dehydration and increased blood flow to the brain. Some can even occur due to the impure substances found in alcohol. Red wine, beer, whiskey, and champagne are some of the common types identified as major triggers.


Food Additives Are Not Good for Migraines!

It is not surprising to find so many people suffering from migraines today because almost all the food found today contains artificial additives. While it is a hard task to do, an easy path to a  migraine remedy may be to avoid all types of artificial food items. Food like hot dogs, ham, sausage, and bacon are some foods which contain nitrates which are a known cause of migraines. Additionally, the popular food additive Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is severely cautioned to be avoided as it can cause severe headaches and other pains such as pain in the chest, burning sensation, etc.


Avoid Cold Foods as a Migraine Remedy

If you suffer from extreme pain caused by migraines every day, you may have to give up your favorite ice cream. Many people who suffer from a migraine have reported that drinking iced drinks quickly or eating frozen ice cream has troubled them more than any other food. This is more likely to happen if you were exposed to hot sun for a long time or if you are after a heavy workout.



While there are many foods for migraines that are not recommended and can seriously trouble you after consuming them, there is something simple you can do to help prevent them.  The simplest measure you can take to work toward your migraine remedy may be to consume fresh meals every day. Intake a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits while sticking to a simple meal. Also, remember not to over consume food items but break them into many small snacks and eat with regular breaks.


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  • While the article itself might be sound, I do not like the title at all! “The Simple Migraine Remedy – Avoid These Foods” could be very disheartening to the huge number of migraine sufferers whose headaches are not food-related. If only it were that simple for everyone!

    • I understand your point, as with any ailment, there is never one solution that works for everyone. It’s not intended to be misleading but perhaps you are correct that the verbiage could be modified to state this will not help everyone. Thanks for your feedback!