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Patriotic Centerpieces

Patriotic Centerpieces

Independence Day is slowly or maybe it is fast approaching.  

Are you ready?   

Have you thought of what you are placing on your table?

 How about making some quick, simple and inexpensive Patriotic Centerpieces?

Patriotic Centerpieces/ Daily Dish Magazine

I found these ideas through pinterest and thought they were cute ideas.  They are all easy to make and have very little materials.  The hardest part was not to eat all the candies before I got the pictures taken.   Most of the materials for these projects I bought at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.


Patriotic Centerpieces/Daily Dish Magazine

Dollar Tree Vases and small vase or glass that fits inside

Red, White and Blue Sheer Ribbon 

Construction Paper


Paint brush

Candy – I used skittles and licorice


Tape or Glue


Patriotic Centerpieces/Daily Dish Magazine #patriotic #centerpiece


Skittle Vase:  You will need 2 different sizes vases, one smaller and place inside the bigger one.  Using red and blue skittles, place the skittles between the two vases.  Add white flowers into the center vase.

Licorice Vase:  You will need 2 different size vases.  Place the smaller vase into the larger one.  Cut licorice to the size of the vase and place in between the two vases.  Tie a blue sheer ribbon around the vase and add white flowers.  

Stars and Stripe Candle holder:  Cut white and red ribbon so that they will go around vase.  I cut 5 stripes of each.  Tape or glue ribbon around the vase.  Cut out stars in blue construction paper and tape or glue onto the ribbon.  Place a single bud vase into the center to hold the pillar candle.

Star Vase:  Cut 3 different sizes of star in construction paper.  Tape onto vase, dip end of paint brush into paint and paint dots around the outside of the star.  Each star I painted in a different color- red, white and blue.  Let paint dry and remove paper star. 

More Patriotic Craft Ideas.

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