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Memory Jars for 2014




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At the beginning of the year, find a jar.  You can decorate or leave it plain…


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As you make memories with your family, write them down on pieces of paper

and place them in the jar.  Then next year on December 31st, open the jar

and take turns reading the pieces of paper and sharing the memories from the year together…


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You can even make a memory jar from a vacation you plan on taking this year…


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A beach vacation…


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A memory jar for a newborn baby…


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A birthday memory jar…


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So what do you need to make a Memory Jar?  


Nothing fancy, look around your house and find a jar.  

I love old fashioned blue Ball jars, but really any jar or container will work…



You can order memory jars from




You don’t have to, but it’s nice to decorate the jars. 

Here’s an example of a “His” and “Her” jar…


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You can even personalize each jar with your children’s names…


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Head to your local craft store and buy some decorative labels or stickers to decorate the jar…



Or print your own labels from here on Daily Dish Magazine! 

2014 Memory Jar Printable Label Set

2014 Memory Jar Printable Set on Daily Dish Magazine


Make sure you keep pieces of paper nearby to write the memories down to add to the jar…


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Include photos, ticket stubs, notes…whatever you want to remember from

a special occasion or event in the coming year. 


The whole point of using a jar like this is to help you remember the memories you make 

with your family and friends throughout the year. 

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