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There are very few of us that control our body’s aches and pains with food. Some of us have active lives, some of us have busy work schedules, and some of us are just plain stressed out.

I am one that deals with the busy work schedule, and I would be the first to tell you that a microwave meal is the quickest way to eat. But I refuse to fall into that trap. How many of you wake up in the mornings and every inch of your body hurts? I do, several times a week. That is usually a sign of inflammation. Now I’m no doctor, and it’s best to seek medical attention from a professional, but I’d like to give you an example of someone who knew how to treat their body with food……My Grandmother! She knew when to serve plums, when to serve salad, when to serve tomatoes, and when to drink cranberry juice. There are many more foods she worked with, but she lived to be 92, medicine free, and sharp minded. She lived until her body said, “I have worked long enough.” Now she was born in 1920, lived through the depression, and preserved her own foods. However, she learned how to read her body. She knew what it needed, when it needed it, and how hard she was allowed to work. 

I ran across an article in Science News, Foods Help Fight Inflammation, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

To fight the affects of inflammation we should be eating citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, and wild-caught salmon. This list of foods would not be hard to place in our diets. All it takes is a little time to plan ahead. Make a citrus salad that can be kept in the fridge, spinach salads are easy to prepare, kale soups are awesome, tomatoes can be left on the counter until eaten, and a salmon meat salad can be made for sandwiches. Incorporate one of these foods into your diet daily and see how you feel after a week. I’m willing to try……

Take some time to read the article provided. I found it quite interesting.

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