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NC State Farmer’s Market, Raleigh

Where I live there is a teeny tiny farmers market that is only open on Saturdays. However, in our capital, just 45 minutes up the road, there is the state Farmer’s Market. A LARGE section right off the interstate.

Here is an aerial view from a few years ago. All the tan you see is now parking. The red is the roof to the different areas. Plus there are two free-standing restaurants and a pottery.

resolverWe went on a Monday, business was light but it enabled me to talk with the different farmers and learn about them, their farms and their produce.

I met some wonderful people. Purchased a lot of produce and have made some fantastic new dishes.

photo 1There is one building dedicated to small shops. Wine, jams, jellies, sauces, meats, cheeses and baked items line the sides of the walk way. It is a bit overwhelming and I am so glad that we decided to go on an “off” day. I can not imagine it full on Saturdays with thousands of people milling about trying to take it all in.

photo 3You can only see about half way down this building, it is hard to imagine just how large it is from  a photo. This was taken right after they opened on that Monday.

I enjoy purchasing my produce from local or state farmers. One I am supporting my farmers, two I am supporting the mom/pop businesses that helped found our country and three I can talk with them and know what if anything was sprayed on the crops.

Everyone was so friendly and willing to answer any questions I have. You will be reading more about them later this month as I highlight different farms and businesses.

Visit your local or state Farmer’s Market. Prices are compatible to the stores, the food is fresher and the company is great.

photo 4 (5)PS: these cantaloupes were big as basketballs and at 2 for $5 who could go wrong. We bought 2 of course and they were DEElicious!





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