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We live out in the country, so our trouble areas are wild life and stray animals. I think it is very cruel, but some people drive out to the country and dump animals. Dogs, cats, boxes full of kittens or puppies. They just dump and go.

If you have unwanted animals, PLEASE, give them to a shelter or place an ad on craigslist. It’s free. Leaving animals to fend for themselves will cause all sorts of issues. Animals starving, becoming wild and rabid, killing small farm animals, attacking other animals, causing car accidents and on and on. SO please be a responsible pet owner. 

Now, on to the ‘did you know’. Did you know that if you are having an issue with a stray dog/cat or even your own animal digging in your flower bed or garden you can keep them out with: cayenne pepper. This  will not harm the animals but keep them out. When the animals digs, the cayenne powder will get in their nasal passages, it will cause a slight burning sensation and they will sneeze a lot. It may or may not cause irritation to their paws as well. Normally, this is enough deterrent to cause the animal to stop digging and go find something else to do.

cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper

I used to hear that using mothballs would work, however, mothballs are toxic to animals if eaten. So don’t use them if you have pets. However, here is some interesting information about mothballs:

Mothballs are pesticides that slowly release a gas vapor to kill and repel moths (and their larvae) and other insects. Mothballs are also used to repel snakes, mice, and other animals, though this use is not recommended and can be harmful to pets, children, and the environment. Mothballs come in cakes, scales, powder, balls, cubes, spheres, and flakes and may contain the insecticides naphthalene, paradi-chlorobenzene (PDB), or occasionally camphor. Older mothballs most commonly contain naphthalene. Due to concern for naphthalene’s flammability and toxicity, most modern mothballs now contain PDB instead. ** this information was gathered from: http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/mothballs/

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  • I am going to try this! We have a stray cat that lives under our shed and sleeps on our back porch furniture. I am forever having to clean the furniture!!! I will sprinkle a little pepper and see if it keeps him away. I don’t mind having him bc he does a very good job of keeping the mice and moles away!!!