{Daily Dish Recipe} Roza’s Roasted Red Hot Chili



Joanne from What’s on the List submitted her recipe to be selected as

today’s Daily Dish Recipe.  Joanne is also one of our Foodie Friends Friday hosts.

She is sharing with us today her recipe for 


Roza’s Roasted Red Hot Lover Chili



A toss up between a soup and chili, this recipe sounds delicious. 

The recipe uses a lot of vegetables and if you don’t want to add them 

all to the chili, save some for tomorrow’s meal!  


Click the link below to get the recipe. 

If you would like to be featured on Daily Dish Magazine or Submit a Recipe,

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  1. says

    G’day and BIG, BIG thanks Lois for being featured! This recipe is unique, different, healthy and a great way to incorporate cauliflower to appeal to “children of all ages!”
    Cheers! Joanne

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