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How To Vacation Like A Prince On A Pauper’s Budget

How To Vacation Like A Prince On A Pauper’s Budget

If you are like most families in America today a family vacation is something that you have to work hard to afford.  Between higher cost of living and increases in travel expenses like gas costs it is difficult to make a fun family vacation happen but we are here to help you learn How To Vacation Like A Prince On A Pauper’s Budget.  Even the tightest budget can find wiggle room for a few days away with your kids at a favorite vacation destination, and of course there is always the option of creating a fabulous staycation where you live. PLAN A SHORTER TRIP:  Want to take a week away but can’t afford it?  Why not shorten your actual travel time to only 3-4 days and do more of the things you really want than stretch the time out over 7 days and not get to ... read more

Mini Donut Sundaes

Easy Semi Homemade Summer Desserts with Mrs. Freshley’s

Summer is in full swing and hot, hot, hot days leave me looking for quick and easy summer treats.  That's where Mrs. Freshley's comes in.  An award-winning brand, Mrs. Freshley's delivers just what it says; fresh quality taste, and has been doing so for more than 15 years!  Perfect ... read more